Fatty Fashion Fun Challenge-Be My Valentine Vs. Celebrate Yourself

It has to do of course what with Valentine’s day romantic theme for the Fatty Fashion Day in February. However it remained open, whether it shows an outfit for a date with the or the loved one, or one that the love for one even celebrates and I think my outfit is somewhere in between. I’m curious, what the others have to look in every case the collected images on the Fatty Fashion Fun Challenge Blog.

The romantic topic for the Fatty Fashion Day in February of cause of what something Valentine’s day relationship, we could choose between ” ” Be my valentine”or”Celebrate yourself”and mine is somewhere in between. I am so pretty excited about how will the other girls look, you should’nt definitely check out the blog to see all of them.

I thought that at last the perfect time that is mean to you “yeah right” to show top from H & M. I purchased it just before new year’s Eve in the divided section of H & M, it is intended to be an oversized cropped top, but to me, it sits like a sweet, short T-Shirt. I Yes always extremely good, it when I just fit in things which are not intended for me, because this is a little bit like an imaginary ass kick for the designer and company, it is my hold up middle finger with which I want to say: Yes, I know you have never presented you this part on a body like mine, but I don’t care”, I’m still doing it!” I find the print and the light tip the shirt is real cute, and would like that much more things collection implemented the divided in the H&M+.

I thought it would be the perfect time to show you a top I bought in the divided section of H & M, it is actually on oversized crop top, but on my it fits like a short and sweet t-shirts.I love the idea of wearing stuff that designers didn’t meant to be worn on bodies like mine, it is some child of imaginary kick in the ate and my way to say “I know you didn’t think this would be good on a fat body, but I want to wear it despite that!” I adore the shirt and would love to see more of the divided stuff so be transformed into the H & M+collection.

Sift in the pictures has risen suddenly me, I again wear the same rock, as at the last fatty fashion fun challenge, well it’s just one of my favorites, but maybe that’s also a wink that I necessarily need another black skirt. Combined I have the whole thing with a red Strumofhose by WeLoveColors, for the Valentine’s day flair, the tights had terribly, I try the color to adjust to the reality, but she doesn’t really agree. The Cardigan is from Primark and the shoes of Deichmann, also I’m wearing a red ring with heart by Evans.

I did notice that I am wearing the same skirt as last month, but I’ll take this as a hint, I need to buy a second black skirt. I combined the outfit with a pair of red tights from We Love colors, a cardigan from Primark and fake Creepers from Deichmann.

Also I wanted to my little heart show fits to the Valentine’s Day theme, I am wearing on his left wrist, however, it is not very suitable for Posings, because you can see so a wrist tattoo just unvezerht if I stretch the arm downward, so the slightly unnatural pose.

I so wanted to show you my heart, that is on inked on my left wrist. I thought it fits to the Valentine’s Day theme, but you have to excuse my unnatural posing as this seemed to be the only way to show you the heart without deforming it.