Fat Acceptance-What Are You Actually 2.0

I wrote some time ago about why fat acceptance is important. In recent days, Tweets in my timeline were washed more who deal with the subject of why or why not fat acceptance is worthy or not. What this once again stood in the foreground, was the health argument. Whether dick_fett his now healthy or unhealthy, whether there are principles or rules or exceptions, we are can never simply clarify post in a blog. What you can tell but already is what facets in the fat acceptance for me are much more important than physical health.

In the fat acceptance movement isn’t for me first and foremost to health issue, but about, that a space is created for my body and my mind in a society that is deeply marked by restricted body norms and ideals. A company where you can be never right but always too thick/thin/sporty/unathletic/healthy/unhealthy.

Fat acceptance will promote not a single image of the body, but open eyes to body images that are seen every day in the media, lionized not as beautiful or desirable.

Fat acceptance would help people dicke_fette to be able to back independent decisions for themselves and their bodies. Want to make it empowern and courage, so that it is itself not only on its weight reduced and reduced not only to its weight should be.

I heard probably about as fat man. By well-intentioned sports and nutrition tips, Beleiiogungen, Bevormundungen, humiliation, compliments that were not and comments strongly bordering on Übergrifflichkeit. You tell me anything new. The idea that fat = supposed to be unhealthy, is not a ground-breaking idea, but learned behavior. Learned behavior that you every day trying to push people, no matter whether they hear it like it or not. And no, not to want to hear it, does not mean that it leans back, that one gives up or is close to the truth, it just means that you have a right to decide when and where, and more importantly who you want to talk about himself and his body.

Fat acceptance wants to demonize not health, it wants that health is again an independent and individual thing can make everyone with itself and for itself and should be, and it is not in the public space for debate.

Fat Acceptance Can And Should Be So Much More Than A Health Issue.
Fat acceptance calls for respect and dignity, we long acceptance and that’s why people their lives that to self to offer a diet next an alternative were thrown into that, to stop these people, and them to show that you also as dicker_fetter may think man with things other than diet plans and the next – 7 kg. And that is a very, very important point for me: fat acceptance shows dicken_fetten people, that her life is worth living, it may be worth living. Until I was 20, my daily life was dominated by doubts and hatred, I have always been waiting and hoping that if I would lose weight but finally only xy KG my life go. Everything is different, I am finally a person is some value, which should have a place in society. I suck on it today, whether others can live with that, that I enjoy my life as a fat woman, I hate myself no longer sure that I eat and I can look myself naked in the mirror and smile. And if all this nothing to be value because someone thought that fat acceptance is not worth supporting, because “but your health! 1! 11!”, then a slap in the face is that for every dicken_fetten people.

No one is saying that health is not important, but what or who is defined as healthy or unhealthy, unfortunately all too often depends on the appearance. And just because fat acceptance says that dick_fett its not at the same time also means that it is unhealthy in any case, this doesn’t mean in turn that we say it is healthy/healthier, it is better, or it is the only real solution. Body acceptance is for every person, for every body. And to the body as well as the fat acceptance is just that, we learn that the health of other nothing concerns us.

And quite honestly, you really all run through the city and get thoughts about the State of health for every human being? You ask at the traffic lights if the lady next to you probably tomorrow still alive? No! Why is dicke_fette so okay to patronize people permanently and to condemn and to hide under the cloak of concern about health. If fat people suck, then to least and try not yourself glad to talk.