Fashion, Body Positivity, Beauty Tips: Plus Size Blogger Anna & Najat Are Curious!

Today we would like to introduce two plus size bloggers and dyed in the wool curvy ladies friends, who only since the beginning of the year research, evaluate, comment and blogging: Anna and Najat. On her blog , the motto is lived “curve is your style” and you shall find blog posts here about fashion, career, body positivity and beauty tips. We were curious on the two newcomers and plus size blogger and have access to the handset and call. From the super friendly contact has become more. You can now read the first fruits in the first part of the interview. By the way: in the image above you see left Najat and right Anna.

Presented: Plus Size Blogger Anna And Najat By Anbou.De

What does fashion mean to you?

Anna: Fashion is an insane strong means of expression. It allows to share our feelings and our preferences and settings with the world. At the same time influenced and, how their vehicle from others is perceived and treated. In beautiful high-quality fashion that fits well with my guy, I feel just fine – and I then also radiate this.

Najat: For me, fashion is a mood makers. Can be seen often very well based on the clothes, how I feel. I feel comfortable in my skin, I wear like color and waisted garments. It is an expression of life. On the basis of the clothing can be seen very well, how much one is with the pure or not. Which is not so, fashion is used as a covering or cover to the outside. So, anyone can use fashion as the life situation is needed.

What is the worst prejudice from your point of view across plus size?

Anna: In many minds the prejudice that women “let yourself go” with more weight and are comfortable adheres to. Sure, there are these cases (as with slim also), but on so many plus size women this is not true at all. On the contrary, many involved with full time job, hobbies & obligations so much in everyday life, just no time leaving more for adequate sport or healthy cooking.

Najat: The stereotype that women with more pounds on the ribs can be undisciplined and never successful or happy. Many plus size women to prove the opposite. Personal happiness does not hang a number on the scale off, but how is to himself and concluded peace with himself. I’ve seen even in my circle of friends, even women with seemingly perfect mass in the inner conflict can stand, and don’t really enjoy life, because they run behind an unmatched ideal.

What is your favorite piece of clothing?

Anna: My favorite piece of clothing is the most one I last bought J

Najat: at the moment I’m tops a huge fan of Pemplum. You really are doing here and hide in the right places.

Your favourite colour? Thrill linked her so?

Anna: Red! The color is so intense, warm and full of energy. Also, I connect with you many beautiful things in the world, such as love or Cologne.

Najat: at the moment I love plum and berry notes. Where can you find everything from gaudy to covered and thus always color accents.

Your favorite song? Which memory linked to you?

Anna: Because there are several. One of my all time favorites is and remains “driving home for Christmas”. I love the Christmas time and this song reminds me of my childhood. When I hear him, I fall into a bittersweet mixture of joy and nostalgia.

Najat: I love the song “Brain” by banks. It is such a powerful song with a really great voice. It reminds me of the start of a new section of life and conscious decisions that I’ve made for me.

Which living person do you impressive?

Anna: I met rarely one so unselfish and self-sacrificing person such as my dear friend Farhana. She comes from Bangladesh, and together with her husband she is committed to the interests of the seamstresses in their homeland. After the collapse of the Rana Plaza, she has looked after as an individual on the spot to survivors and orphaned children and created support structures. But it has everything here in Germany others and left. Until today, I am deeply impressed of this selfless commitment. It shows how much the can cause individuals. Since I met you, I’ll buy one way, much more conscious clothes.

Najat: Friends of mine from Heidelberg, Germany, which always show me that it does not care a way to go, expected of a (career, family…), but to do that, what you really want and love. I find that impressive especially when the pressure of our society today. Something I’m trying to understand. It is not always easy to cope with this pressure and go his own way.

You tell us your favorite place in Germany? And in the world?

Anna: I love to travel and the world to explore in particular the sea attracts me. But after each trip I look forward most to my home and our Red old couch, on which we can us then curl and unwind from the hustle and bustle.

Najat: I Anna can agree only. Nowhere is more beautiful than at home. It is particularly important that it is comfortable and a place to create of it. where I can get after a stressful week. London is a city that I always like to visit. For me a beautiful city and a shoppers dream.