Cloned and Plundered: The Ugly Shoes from Dries Van Noten, Cloned!

The ugly shoes are that this summer petan it. The pioneers were the Birkenstock although soon joined to truck firms such as Isabel Marant and Celine, who looked in ugly shoes a great pull. From there to the runways, there is only a step and gateways to the clones of the chains low cost just a few weeks, if that don’t ask it to Dries van Noten.

They are not the most beautiful shoes and possibly not captured your attention in the parade in the same way that did the designs of the collection spring-summer 2014 the Belgian master, but yes attracted looks of Mango, more specifically those of violet by Mango plus size line that caused uproar on its release, and only a few months after the parade of Dries van Noten would take place, habemus clone!

And hey, that chapeau by Violet by Mango because some have been more cute than the original, or at least less roll ugly shoes wedges.

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