Ciao! Gatot In Bella Italia

The Gatot supported message now to Italy. Silvana thinker in Milan and Rome has again experienced moving moments and a few tears have flowed again. It is always very interesting and disturbing to hear the stories of the participants. This moves very. This time was slightly different: the Sun had appeared, and the rays have developed already their warming power. Very pleasant, if dressed woman with only panties and BRA before Silvana’s camera turns.

Bodylove Goes Milano And Roma

The first Gatot photo shoot took place in Milan. Two letters gazed on the bellies of two stately Italians. In addition to Alessandro (uomini de peso) and IMA, Theresa, Susie were beauty with (plus), Carol, Giorgia (Morbida la vita) and Daniela Claudio. Styled has the love Francesca Frolly.Amplification was Silvana from Kristina Decker, who has supported her actions at both Gatot with making of images, with the assist and interviews.

Milan continued to Rome. Was here once as a 16 year old Silvana and with these pleasant memories in the luggage she traveled in the eternal city. By taxi, it is driven by the nocturnal Rome and arrived at night at the bright-lit Colosseum (her apartment was right nearby). It was just overwhelming. The photo shoot took place on the next day then also before the historic Coliseum. Instead of gladiators were there but now eight brave Amazons that Embassy presented the Gatot. In comparison to the shooting in Paris and Frankfurt, the thermometer in Rome showed frühlinghafte temperatures. For Italierinnen but more understandable way is still slightly too fresh. The Gatot ladies froze something and thought “it would be so cold”.

In Rome have been: Valeria, Gaia, Elisa, Alessia, Federica, Valeria, Bonaria, and Marcella. They (also, Silvana) were styled by Federica Di Perna and Katia Obidike.

How maintains woman himself, and the other when one can not English not Italian? No problemo! The language in no way constituted an obstacle. Although there was no common language, but all have to communicate. Particularly helpful Silvana were knowledge of Latin in high school there’s!

Silvana had freely taken to go along with her friend Kristina a little on sightseeing tour the following day. The gigantic Forum Romanum belongs to visiting Rome this, as also the Spanish steps (this time due to construction work was locked however) and the Trevi Fountain (da hell happened again). “In Rome you must have been once in the life”, as Silvana.

Gatot On Tour Through Europe

After Frankfurt – to do this we reported in detail: see blogpost – and Paris the Gatot tour continues. Here another a big thanks to the happy sizepeople, who support this great idea and help Silvana to carry them into the world. The nearest stations are already confirmed: there will be Barcelona, Munich, Copenhagen (on the Town Hall square) and Stockholm.