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Underwear for Gorditas

Are of large size?, then you know how difficult that is to find underwear that it is you and highlight your attributes. Not to mention that in lingerie garments it is even harder to find.

The 5 Plus Size Models

In an era in which girls as Lena Dunham and Melissa McCartney have taken Hollywood by horns, fashion is also prepared for a change with a generation of women ready to demonstrate that size 0 is not the only one.

Fashion Tips for Fat

Do Not Hide Your Body, What Matters Is Security In Yourself To enjoy fashion, you don’t have to be in the smaller size, or buy boring and dark clothes, or can not see you or and feel good with wearing them, here we will show you the fashion tips that will make you see as • Read More »

Styling Tips for XXL Women

Styling Tips For XXL Women So, You Make The Best Out Of Your Current Character! Not focus on the character that you want to like to have or that you once had when styling. We live in the here and now. If you dress size 52 now, you want to look now so good.

How Your Stomach Looks Flat

In our Figurberatungs-Kategorie you get practical tricks & tips on how to present your figure stylishly. A little expert knowledge and a clever styling can do wonders when it comes to staging your figure.

Plus Size Leggings and Tights

2016/2017 ready-to-wear collections ahead of surprises including tights and low RADIUS large size. Decrypts it for you 8 trends which some will for sure make you capsize. The ribbed mesh tights is back He had somewhat disappeared from radar in recent times, the ribbed mesh tights is back in this autumn-winter 2016/2017! Ideal for blurring the • Read More »

Buy Plus Size Underwear Online

Today I want for curvy women to share with you my experiences on underwear and give you a few tips for the next purchase along the way. Let’s start from the top-with the BH. Underwear for Curvy Women: bra in the Larger Sizes Finding the right bra is not always quite so simple. We women all want • Read More »

Lagerfeld Campaign

“Lagerfeld Confidential” is out today. The film reveals a bit of this mysterious character that is the designer of Chanel, Fendi and others, will surely attract many fashionistas in theaters. In any case, it would have been hard to miss the movie because Mr. Lagerfeld made sure to take good care space… We are in a world • Read More »

Giles Deacon the New Schiaparelli?

Rumor: the business man Diego Della Valle who already has to his credit the purchase of Tod’s, has also recently acquired the rights to the name of Elsa Schiaparelli. He hopes to perpetuate the aura and the genius of Schiaparelli resurrecting his house. The problem now is to find a successor to the height of the pioneering • Read More »

Plus Size Model Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham is the plus-size model that makes success all over the world. In an interview she talks about the joy of that several chains makes clothes of all sizes. Long has been criticized for budget chains have only some clothes in larger sizes, but right now presents several brands new collections with a larger width • Read More »

Lingerie in Large Sizes

Lingerie is a little private and it is really convenient to shop online! Standing in a store full of people and state their size can for many to feel a little uncomfortable and embarrassing. There are many stores selling lingerie online. The benefits are really quite a lot of shopping online. To sit in front of the computer and • Read More »

Men’s Underwear in Small, Large, Standard Sizes

Many people choose to shop for underwear briefs, etc. on the net. It is comfortable to sit in front of your computer and quietly find good stores. Most large clothing stores online has specialised sections with lingerie, so you can always check if “your” store has such a title. There are also specialty stores that focus on just • Read More »

Swimwear: Tips For Large Sizes

The swimming season is on and every year there is the same question: What should I wear? From bikini and tankini up to the swimsuit and bathing dress, there are numerous ways to get dressed. Swimwear for women has evolved steadily in recent years – are available for every figure the right product. But for whom bikini and • Read More »

What to Wear on the Beach? Swimwear in Large Sizes

The winter is coming to gradually end. With the always warmer and rays of the Sun, the anticipation rises to the summer. Finally, the heavy winter clothes can be filed and exchanged for a summer plus size outfit. In this time of year, the sea or the Lake lures to bring a beneficial cooling. Chubby women now have • Read More »

How to Wear Red Panties

They say the most pinpricks female tongues are the color of her panties, which leaves a clear message from the woman waiting at night. If it’s pink, it’s romantic and hopes one night with flowers and lots of kissing and foreplay. Red involves passion, intensity and fiercer night. The fact is that it is important to have variety in the closet • Read More »