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How to Lose Localized Fat

Attacking 3 key areas, we offer you the best solutions to end the problem of localized fat. To lose localized fat is a common struggle of a lot of women (and even men) nowadays. Victims of eating habits, less correct, and a modern life that is distinguished by a sedentary lifestyle, even the people more lean complain • Read More »

Lose Weight before The Wedding – Our Tips

There are things, which does not reveal the best wedding checklist and hiding unnoticed but something very important: the love bride figure and your well-being! As we passed several wedding magazines, reads great books on the subject, even  looks serious wedding reports Arte (;-)), to access may still tips the decoration (nicht…ehrlich worth!), but the topic of bridal • Read More »

Stripes for FAT: Can?

This topic always generates controversy because it has the class of “dread” and the “there are no rules.” I’m in the clique of “there are no rules” because it’s the silliest thing on the planet want to simply fit a particular group of people on a concept: it doesn’t work that way, at least for me. • Read More »

Blockers Fat: What They Are and How They Work

Blockers fat are supplements that decrease the absorption of fat by the body. Get to know them better with us. Nowadays there are several products available in the market that guarantee weight loss, where they are inserted the blockers of fat. But unfortunately, the vast majority are ineffective or present a danger to our health. Most of • Read More »

As I Dress Casual and Chic – Chubby

Women want to be beautiful, comfortable, and casual and chic makes style possible. Not only is it a perfect look for weekends and holidays, but is a more intelligent, is suitable for some work environments.

Spring Summer 2016 Trends Fashion

One thing is certain: The next summer is coming! And although there were quite a few sunny days in many parts of Germany, the temperatures are still lagging behind. Nevertheless, the designers give this year in time lead the way in which it will go next season round. Why would you imagine the spring and summer trends here, • Read More »

Fashionable Hairstyles 2016 Female

The hair swirl around the face, emphasize your style and are very important for your appearance. As a plus size trendsetter you thanks incurvy up to date in terms of fashion issues. Now I expand your Trend skills and present to you here the fashionable hairstyles 2016. As with all other trends also, it says here: wearing only • Read More »

What Do You Need to Do to Become a Plus Size Model

Become the face of incurvy AND win a modeling contract with the prestigious modeling agency brigitte models! You wear clothes size 40+ and want to be Plus Size Model? incurvy and Munich plus-size model agency allow you to enter into the modeling business.

Pirelli Calendar 2016 Models

The Pirelli calendar, which in its short form “The Cal is called” one of the most anticipated calendars. He has a cult because it is limited and presents exclusive photographs. For over 50 years known extraordinary women are photographed in it naked, lascivious or graceful and beautiful. Most is top models and actresses posing in elaborate productions. The women always correspond • Read More »

Stylisten-Duo Manuel Cortez und Miyabi Kawai

Ready For diversity is a major concern of Plus Size Fashion Days. At the event in Hamburg was all about Size Fashion, beautiful, curvy women and issues such as self-esteem and self-love. On the Market Place, the small Plus Size fair, we were the sympathetic and stylish pair Manuel Cortez and Miyabi Kawai Meet the consignment closet alarm • Read More »

How to Make Hips Look Slimmer

The well-filled hips are fashionable, but some may not even accept their generous localized fat there. But can we really narrow hips? Today we answer that question.

How to Style Different Body Types

The media tend to easily put all rounds in the same bag. And yet, even in large size, each has a round morphology of its own.

How to Choose The Right Accessories for Dress

It’s not for me… This one, it makes us crazy. She is so cute, so stylishon the other girls! And more is necessarily the solution for not having to tear his hair too short between a tank top and pants that happens to us in the calves!

What Dress Size am I Based on Measurements

Our measurements help us to better understand our bodies and know what size of clothing suits us best. Find out what your measurements and learn more choose your clothes thanks to our guide.

La La Land Fashion

“La La Land” is the movie of the moment, and the looks of Emma Stone as Mia Dolan are ready to dictate trends for next season. Already considered by many to be a cult film even before its theatrical release, “La La Land” sees the Stone involved in singing, dancing and romantic scenes, gloved in jaunty fashion garments and always waiting to be • Read More »

This Is the Hottest Lingerie Collection of the Season!

Curves in clothing size 44 are her trademark: Ashley Graham is one of the most famous plus-size models in the industry.  This year, the American even wrote history. As the first oversized model, the 27-year-old entered the Bikini edition of”Sports Illustrated”. The magazine once made famous models like Heidi Klum and is well-known for showing only very slim models.

Whether XS or XL, We Are all Beautiful!

These five ladies have no desire to hide-why too!?! Ashley Graham, Marquita Pring, Julie Henderson, Inga Eiriksdottir and Danielle Redman are by profession model-more specifically, Plus Size Models.  Although this title should not really play any role, because their shoot for the Icelandic glamor magazine shows: Any size can be captivating. 

Oversize Model Enriches the Pirelli Calendar

The exclusive calendar of the tire manufacturer Pirelli shines year after year with top photographers of the fashion industry, very sensual pictures of mostly super-beautiful models like Gisele Bundchen or Heidi Klum-and puts us women with this unrealistic perfection quite under pressure(if we allow it). For the 2015 edition, the surprise: for the first time • Read More »

Which Fashion Suits Me?

Curves are not equal curves: the one has a lavish décolleté, the other wide hips or a small belly.  But which spring strikes fit me? The figure light shows current plus-size trends and explains which cuts are really the right ones for your figure and what you should rather leave your fingers on. Click through dresses, skirts, • Read More »

7 Things That Let Us Know Plus-Size Women

Sarah Conley, Margie Ashcroft, Kristina Uriegas-Reyes and Kelly Augustine: four Americans, all of whom have something in common. They are bloggers of passion and all have more than a few pounds on the ribs. Nevertheless, they do not want to be pushed into a corner.  Because in the past, they were repeatedly confronted with common prejudices. Whether you are • Read More »