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Stripes for FAT: Can?

This topic always generates controversy because it has the class of “dread” and the “there are no rules.” I’m in the clique of “there are no rules” because it’s the silliest thing on the planet want to simply fit a particular group of people on a concept: it doesn’t work that way, at least for me. • Read More »

Thick Ice, We Can Also Run!

If I had a tenner for every time I hear “being overweight is not good for your health” in the context of my posts about plus size and fat shaming. As to these trolls in the comment field does not at all intend to hurt me without “just want my best”, HA! You can’t just go and rescue • Read More »

Fun T-shirts

When hit that despair of the series “I have no clothes to leave today,” keep calm. The choice is betting everything on the wonder trio: jeans, sneakers and bacaninha fun shirt. Day to day to the ballad, the combination of parts is able to make the most seen in their productions. After all, pinches of bossa and • Read More »