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Styling Tips for XXL Women

Styling Tips For XXL Women So, You Make The Best Out Of Your Current Character! Not focus on the character that you want to like to have or that you once had when styling. We live in the here and now. If you dress size 52 now, you want to look now so good.

Polo Shirts in Large Sizes

Polo shirts are the new vogue for men – and they are also available for those who are big!A polo shirt in a dark color, a nice pair of jeans or pants and a wide belt is nice clean fashion and all brides love Polo on men. There are many companies that understand the trend and • Read More »

Oversize Ties

Indeed, we often tend to think that only ties big brands ready-to-wear exist when seeking a nice tie. I think of the ties from houses such as Hermes (very good despite the price) or Hugo Boss (I pass my comments). And yet there are many possibilities to find beautiful ties accessible. From more accessible to • Read More »

Plus Size Sports Skirts

And I was taught from childhood that skirts and dresses are worn only “decent” elegant shoes? Times are changing and you want a stylish contemporary rebelkám, contrasts in fashion and not least comfortable on your feet. Try to go this spring against the stream and then put on a skirt of her favorite comfortable XXL • Read More »

Now Let’s Talk Big Sizes AND How the Clothes Look Like

Hi friends. Now I thought I’d talk clothes (surprise surprise). Namely pluskläder. You know all those specialkläderna for thick ice. What I think about them, I think most people know by now. If someone does not know, I am for the most part damn annoyed that they are done in ugly designs, outdated cuts and absolutely zero fit. They feel a • Read More »

Fashion Trends for Autumn Winter 2014/15

Large Sizes Are in Vogue! After the magical 36 many years as the only was acceptable dress size, show successful plus-size models like Crystal Renn on the now may be as sophisticated and chic XXL fashion catwalks known designers. The result:  The times where “Size Zero” was the ultimate fashion are definitely over.Discovered now the fashion trends • Read More »

Femininity-A Fashion Must-Have

You will find fashionable must-haves not only on the clothes rail! On the contrary, your womanhood includes also. And she wears even each plus size Lady with entirely free and without shopping Marathon, fits and is guaranteed to always. What is femininity at all? For me, femininity is not to be equated with “grazy” or similar. • Read More »

Asymmetrical Mesh Skirts: 8 Tips on How To Wear It

You know those asymmetrical skirts that made the head of the ladies in 2013? Well, now the asymmetry back causing skirts, but they are on a Hi-Lo, and loop with a length ranging between the midi and the long. This outfit “picked up” at the very end of last year when the diva Bey used akinetic • Read More »