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The Controversy of ‘Giving Note 3’ T-Shirts: Should They Be All The Protagonists Take The Same Clothes, Be Which Be His Body?

Fans of giving the note await expectantly the premiere of the third party, whose shooting began last January. Luckily, the protagonists of the film are being very active on Instagram, and all we are having a window of luxury from which glimpse of some details of the shooting. Rebel Wilson, one of the favorite actresses • Read More »

Plus Size Outfit

A little it took for the next plus size outfit – here much stress is at the moment and my “author” has final exams next week (wish him luck!), so that’s time little mau for shoots looks. But end of next week we continue hopefully with many looks – and I have something very special • Read More »

H & M: Extended Sizes

Did you know that it online at H & M now so-called “extended sizes”-so extended sizes are available? I heard that recently also just randomly… If I have understood this correctly, there are the parts of the collection but also really only online, in the stores.

What If…

I asked myself:“What if I was invited to a ‘real’ Fashion Week? What would I wear?” – Paris, New York, Milano,… many options and one answer:this. Not much time ago, one of my favorite fashion bloggers, → Thassia Naves, posted an outfit wearing this cashmere collar from COS, which is actually made to be worn • Read More »

Plus-Size Clothing, Good or Bad?

I’m a bit ambivalent to this with plus-size clothes. Or collections of workout clothing that is in its own section, for example, H & M and is also excellent as a “model”. Or similar terms. XL, Curve, Plus size, Full size, and whatever you call it. I think it is WELL understood that there are training garments that • Read More »

Women’s Clothing/Tjejkläder in Plus Size-sizes

There are plenty of shops selling women’s clothing in large sizes or plus size. The advantage of shopping online is that you get a much wider range of clothing and stores and you don’t have to head to town to shop, but you can make your choices in the peace and quiet in front of the computer. • Read More »

Find Your Way on the Internet

The people that take larger sizes in clothing has gotten easier to find clothes that fit. With cowbells, it has popped up several Web shops that specialize in larger men and women. Even more important is it to take measurements and make sure what these results correspond to the sizes. Size guide and also instructions for how • Read More »

Shopping for Plus Size

The world is your market. Today you need not restrict yourself to the Swedish offer.However, there are some things that are good to keep in mind when you shop from other countries. -Because we are members of the EU, we have a free trade agreement with the other Member States, which means that it does not • Read More »

This Plus Size

I’ve been pondering a bit on this with “Plus Size”. The concept in itself and my feelings about it. In a perfect world, an expression that Plus Size not needed. Where would all the clothes are made in all sizes and no one would be deselected. Now, unfortunately, not the fashion industry works that way for many reasons. Those • Read More »

Sport Shirts Long Sleeve for Women

Women tend to have in advance an accurate idea of ​​their wishes, when they go in search of clothing. The look is as important as an easy care and very good manufacturing quality here. Especially with long sleeve sport shirts for women these characteristics play a central role. If you in politicsezine online store shopping, • Read More »