Solomon Islands Geography
The Solomon Islands are a state in the western Pacific Ocean. The archipelago to the east of New Guinea includes the southern Solomon Islands, the Rennell Islands, the Ontong Java Islands and the Santa Cruz Islands, which are relatively distant to the east. The island state is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations with Queen Elisabeth II as head of state. The total area of ​​the Solomon Islands is 28,896 square kilometers and consists of six large and countless small islands. Of the total of more than 900 islands, only 347 are inhabited.

The main islands of Guadalcanal, San Cristóbal, Santa Isabel, Makira, Malaita, New Georgia and Choiseul are of volcanic origin and very mountainous. The capital of the Solomon Islands is Honiara, located on Guadalcanal. The Mount Popomanaseu on Guadalcanal is 2,332 meters, the highest mountain in the archipelago. In some cases, Mount Makarakomburu is given as the highest point in the Solomon Islands at 2,447 m. However, this altitude has been found to be incorrect, its correct altitude is 2,310 m.

There are active volcanoes on the Solomon Islands, and earthquakes are by no means unusual here.

Solomon Islands – how to get there
Airplane: most of the visitors to the Solomon Islands travel by air.
In cooperation with other airlines, Solomon Arlines connects Honiara with Brisbane (Australia), Nadi (Fiji) and Port Vila (Vanuatu).

Ship: there are numerous vessels operating in the waters around the Solomon Islands. However, there are only a few ship or ferry connections to other countries, including Australia. The Solomon Islands are also a popular stopping point for yachts crossing Asia and the Pacific, as well as some cruise lines. There are yacht clubs in Gizo and Honiara.

Solomon Islands – travel in the country
Airplane: Solomon Airlines flies to more than 20 destinations across the country, connecting all provinces with one another. Very few airports have an asphalt runway. The planes often take off and land on grass runways.

Ship: Travelers who have some time to spare can comfortably travel from island to island by boat. Boats of various sizes and charter boats are of particular importance for the transport of people by sea. Their equipment ranges from simple to comfortable.

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