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Plus Size Outfit

A little it took for the next plus size outfit – here much stress is at the moment and my “author” has final exams next week (wish him luck!), so that’s time little mau for shoots looks. But end of next week we continue hopefully with many looks – and I have something very special • Read More »

Chic – Casual Outfit With Plus Size Of Jeans

A good plus size of jeans styling terms is a real multi-talent. No limits: not only it is at home in all styles, but it is also considered Classless piece of clothing. Anyone can join the jeans trend. Everyone wears them. And there is something for every taste and budget. Christiane Arp, Chief of German vogue, says to the jeans: “There • Read More »

Plus Size Bootcut Jeans

Originally, the jeans were the clothes of American manual workers in the late nineteenth century. Cut in the denim, it is born from the collaboration between Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis in the 1850s jeans nowadays become a basic of each dressing! It is worn by everyone, regardless of the style or age!

Plus Size Maternity Jeans

The jeans is essential parts to have in your wardrobe pregnant! Yes but this is, how to choose? We already gave you a few tips for the choose depending on your body. But the plus size  jeans of pregnancy, you choose with or without a banner? Here is the answer.

Put Your Pants on

I have tried to obtain a post for weeks now. I had thought that it would be about pants – a topic that may seem pretty basic and boring to the uninitiated, but believe me when I say that it is far from straightforward in Fatso context. All fat people I know (to) have a highly complicated • Read More »

The World’s Worst Trousers

I am, as you may have noticed is not always the most efficient person, but now I seriously feel that it’s been far too long since the last post on the topic of “Tjckishörnan greatest hits”. There’s no shortage of ugly garments that return year after year, as the inspiration for posts on the topic is • Read More »

Children’s Clothing in Larger Sizes

We understand that it can be hard to find clothes in large sizes in the shops. And no, it is quite easy to find online stores with large child sizes in their range either. We’ll try to find some tips! To begin with, we have found a store that has some jeans and trousers from John Ensign Jeanswear in larger sizes. These are: Bonprix: store • Read More »

Lindex Integrates Plus Size in Normal Range!

Now I finally get to tell you this wonderfully funny news as I sat and pressed on for months! You may recall when I was down in January and had lunch at the extravagant Dorsia? It was not really the whole reason I was going there without the glimmering that I and Emmi were invited by the Lindex, in • Read More »

Colored Skinny Jeans Womens

Summer needs colors! As it is, the colorful clothing wins a special highlight in this season, and for those who like or feels better wearing pants, the good news is that the colorful skinny pants were shaking the whole world and promise to keep reigning in this summer. Tips to Combine Colorful Skinny Pants The wave is • Read More »