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How to Lose Localized Fat

Attacking 3 key areas, we offer you the best solutions to end the problem of localized fat. To lose localized fat is a common struggle of a lot of women (and even men) nowadays. Victims of eating habits, less correct, and a modern life that is distinguished by a sedentary lifestyle, even the people more lean complain • Read More »

As I Dress Casual and Chic – Chubby

Women want to be beautiful, comfortable, and casual and chic makes style possible. Not only is it a perfect look for weekends and holidays, but is a more intelligent, is suitable for some work environments.

Sheego Curve 2013

Of all again only an apology. Against my clumsiness just no herb is grown, so I managed to distribute my glass of iced tea with flywheel on my MacBook, which is now first in repair and I very much hope that I soon intact again got it. But I must wait for now the cost estimate.

Scene 1: Cat Print Blouse X 6

Attention, attention, we invite you to the presentation of a very sweet blouse! Schauspielort: whole Germany Starring: Katzenprint blouse by Studio untold Extras: Cécile, Elli, Stephanie (dark hair), Stephanie (red hair), Roxi and ELA (yours truly ;)))

Italian Flair • Trend Piece Summer Coat

DE · The weather is always nice and it seems that everything would go easier on the rounds. And of course I get holiday mood. As I dressed me up for this outfit, I thought of the beautiful Italy. The brand names have drawn of course explicitly then it: the coat is from the I love • Read More »

Sarah Santos Fashion In Xxl

Fashion and fashion in the next generation. How you could describe the fashion in XXL label Sarah Santos . Because at that time like today just unmistakably is the typical style of the brand. In the sense of the classic layers or layers looks arise within the different designs of labels countless combinations and make the brand so • Read More »

Mallorca Holiday Outfits: Casual Sightseeing Looks

When I’m on vacation, I’m around although most like lazy, so without to Uri program can’t make it then but yet somehow. I got restless and want to see something of the country, the city or region where I spend my vacation.

Barbara spear mode in XXL

A look at current fashion magazines can be depressing for many women.The bad thing here is that large size often offer no appealing designs. Or cut to the great creations seemingly not for every woman. With this situation, wanted one but no longer deal in the home of Barbara Speer and decided without further ADO, to design • Read More »

Persona Fashion In Xxl

You can see their origin of many clothing of large sizes. At just this issue you wanted to change something from the ground up in persona.Therefore we decided to record only visually appealing and sometimes exclusive designs in its own collections of large sizes. Today, the product range includes many different variations, like to select their favorites • Read More »

Happy Size Fashion Lounge – History

n this post, you can see my first post with gentlemen-articles for the happy size fashion lounge. The whole thing started already 2014, a part of this article is no longer available.Nevertheless I want to show the men’s outfits you, which I have created in the last 1.5 years in collaboration with happy size.

Manon Baptiste Fashion In Xxl

Are you in your current situation where until now rather less search crowned by success after big sizes, without having to sacrifice this only in small size on visually appealing designs? If that also on you should apply, you can get by now be sure, in the wide range of Manon Baptiste fashion fully at your expense • Read More »

Zdf – Volle Kanne – Male, Chubby, Model

If a year ago someone told me that I will start with just under 130 kg and 37 years to work as a model I would have shown him a bird… I was overwhelmed in the last few months Yes generally fairly by the media coverage, that interested but even the ZDF for me, I would • Read More »

Curvy Fashion Fair

It’s called ‘Curvy at the fair’ and is an event dedicated to women with shapes and part of the larger event is sooner or later going to marry you. The first edition will be held at walls of Valadier di Frascati (Rome) on October 29, 2016, the day during which you can attend meetings, workshops, and fashion moments designed for • Read More »

Look Lady Like Plus Size With Chica Cracked And Julia Plus

I really like the more romantic style of neat, so today I bring a look lady like plus size clothing from Chica Cracked and Julia Plus. These productions are very nice of terms in mind because they serve both to go to work, to go to church or a date. It’s the kind of combination • Read More »

Days At the Beach with Aqualena Real Woman

Happy new year! We have the first post of the 2017 and I love idea which is about a new Colombian swimwear brand. Above all because is that many of you – like me-, love to go to the beach and swim in the pool free of complexes, only that it is sometimes difficult to • Read More »

Beauty Tip of The Week: Your Back to Work More Beauty

The days of rest and pleasure come to an end, and with them the moment pamper our skin with the best beauty tips without losing sight of the next news lurking. All completed with the more practical tricks and some other surprise is not without controversy. Do you dare to discover the best tips of • Read More »

Trends in Lingerie This Christmas: Looks Black at All Times

The fashion in lingerie It is essential to be able to properly wear our garments. You like to know what? intimate set can choose at any time? The Black It is the most classic, Yes, but that never fails unless you go dressed in white.

The Best of The Week April 26-May 2

This week in which we opened the month of may, bloggers are protagonists, Thanks to the days of fashion Blogs that many followers you have a fashion blog you could go and thanks also to the bloggers from plus size, showing without any complexes, that it can be dressed well whatever your size. They have • Read More »

The Best of The Week June 23/29

The calendar of the last seven days is undoubtedly marked by kick off of the Man Spring/Summer 2009 Milan fashion week, which it started on Monday, and closed on Friday (remember dimensioned calendar marked it in their day Anna Wintour).