Indonesia with its 255 million residents is the economic heavyweight of the region. The country is rich in raw materials such as natural gas, oil, tin, nickel, copper, bauxite and gold, and it is the world’s largest exporter of steam coal. Agriculture is a dominant factor in the Indonesian economy. The country has abundant wood reserves and exports agricultural products such as palm oil, rubber, cocoa, tea, coffee and tobacco. Other important branches of industry are the textile, clothing and shoe industries as well as furniture production. The Jakarta metropolitan area is a service center of international standing.

The economy in Thailand is based roughly equally on services and industry, and agriculture makes only a small contribution to GDP. The most important export goods are electrical and electronic equipment, automobiles and automobile parts, chemical and agricultural products (rubber, rice, bananas, pineapples, seafood). Tourism has developed into an important industry over the past 20 years.

The economy of the Philippines shows a dichotomy that is typical of emerging countries: on the one hand there is a modern electronics industry (e.g. semiconductors, electronic components) and a booming service sector (telecommunications, outsourcing destination for call centers, etc.), while there is also a large one Part of the poor rural population from subsistence-oriented agriculture. Currently, the country with its thousands of islands is increasingly relying on the expanding tourism industry. The mining sector has significant potential thanks to large deposits of gold, copper and nickel. For more information about the continent of Asia, please check

Mongolia Territory

Mongolia Territory

Mongolia has been an independent Republic since 1924. The new Constitution, approved in February 1992, while guaranteeing freedom of religion, has deprived the Lamaist monks of the political and economic powers they once held almost absolutely. On the basis of…
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India Economic Sectors

India Foreign trade

Of the economic sectors, the service industries and industry are the most important. They generate 49.1% and 26.8% of the gross domestic product (GDP), respectively. The agriculture contributes only 14.6%. It is striking that the share of both industry and…
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Yemen Political System

Where is Yemen

According to, with capital city of Sanaa, Yemen is a country located in Western Asia with total population of 29,825,975. Yemen is a republic, and the constitution prescribes elections to a legislative assembly (parliament) and president. As a result…
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Vietnam Political System

Where is Vietnam

According to, with capital city of Hanoi, Vietnam is a country located in Southeastern Asia with total population of 97,338,590. After the constitution of 1992, Vietnam is a unified state socialist republic. The former popular democratic (communist) form has…
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Thailand Political System

Where is Thailand

According to, with capital city of Bangkok, Thailand is a country located in Southeastern Asia with total population of 69,799,989. Thailand became a parliamentary-democratic constitutional monarchy after the abolition of the absolute kingdom in 1932. Since 1932, Thailand has…
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Taiwan Political System

Where is Taiwan

According to, with capital city of Taipei, Taiwan is a country located in Eastern Asia with total population of 23,816,786. State and politics Taiwan, although in practice independent since 1949, has a unique position among the world’s countries. For…
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Syria Political System

Where is Syria

According to, with capital city of Damascus, Syria is a country located in Western Asia with total population of 17,500,669. State and politics Under the al-Asad family’s rule, Syria has been developing in an increasingly authoritarian direction since the…
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Nepal Political System

Where is Nepal

According to, with capital city of Kathmandu, Nepal is a country located in Southern Asia with total population of 29,136,819. The Provisional Constitution, which came into force on January 15, 2007, declared Nepal as a federal democratic republic. The…
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Malaysia Political System

Where is Malaysia

According to, with capital city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is a country located in Southeastern Asia with total population of 32,366,010. Following the 1957 Constitution, Malaysia is a parliamentary-democratic federal state and a constitutional monarchy. See ABBREVIATIONFINDER for how…
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