Canazei, Trentino-Alto Adige (Italy)

According to proexchangerates, Canazei is the most popular ski resort in the Val di Fassa, located in the Dolomites on the northeastern outskirts of the province of Trentino, and one of the most famous Alpine resorts. It is located at an altitude of 1460 m and is surrounded by the majestic peaks of the Gruppo di Sella (3150 m) and Marmolada (3342 m) mountains. Canazei, along with other resorts in the Val di Fassa, is part of the vast Dolomiti Superski ski region, which unites 12 ski resorts in the Dolomites with 1200 km of ski slopes laid at altitudes from 1500 to 3269 m, and 450 lifts. Dolomiti Superski covers the resorts of the provinces of Trentino and Alto Adige and the Veneto region. This is the largest ski area in the world.

In the winter, Canazei overcrowded with tourists, however, there is enough space for everyone, because the resort offers many trails of any difficulty level. The home skiing area – Belvedere (2423 m) – has 17 km of slopes, most of which are “red”, and 10 lifts. It is connected to the Col Rodella ski area of the nearby resort of Campitello, which increases the number of slopes available. In Belvedere there is an extensive Dolomiti snow park – a paradise for freestyle lovers, and a children’s park Kinderland. It is worth noting that the Belvedere ski area is part of the famous Sellaronda circular ski route, which runs through the four valleys of the Dolomites (Val di Fassa, Val Gardena, Val Badia and Arabba), located on the border of the provinces of Trentino and Alto- Adige and the Veneto region.(ski-tour) “Sellaronda” through a network of shared lifts allows skiers to visit the slopes of different ski regions within one day and return back to “their” valley. The total length of such a route is about 40 km, experienced skiers overcome it in about 3 hours.

Just below the Belvedere at an altitude of 2239 m is the Passo Pordoi pass, on the slopes of which 5 km of “red” slopes are laid and 3 lifts operate. Passo Pardoi in the Val Lasties has great opportunities for off-piste skiing.

A few kilometers east of Canazei is the village of Alba di Canazei., from where you can get to the Chiampac ski area (2100 m) with 15 km of slopes and 6 lifts. From the top of Ciampac to Alba, the most difficult route of the region descends – the winding “black” route “Ciampac-Alba”. It is 3.25 km long and has a vertical drop of 658 m. Also in Chiampac is the Tananay Kids Club and the Cross-country Ski Center with a 2 km trail with breathtaking views.

Behind Alba di Canazei, about 13 km from Canazei, the Passo Fedaya begins, over which “hangs” the highest mountain of the Dolomites – Marmolada (3342 m). A gondola lift runs in the pass from Lake Fedaya to the Marmolada glacier. There are two “red” trails with a length of 2.75 km, and the glacier allows you to ride them until May. In addition, the Marmolada glacier is a great place for off-piste skiing.

In the city of Canazei itself there is a Cross-country Ski Center with 6.8 km of ski runs through the valley at the foot of the mountains. There is also a ski school (one of the oldest in Italy, about a hundred instructors work here), an ice palace with a skating rink, a sports center and a swimming pool. Life in Canazei is in full swing even at night, because numerous restaurants, bars and discos are waiting for guests until late.

Canazei is the oldest resort in the valley – Campitello. The main ski area of the Campitello resort – Col Rodella – is located at an altitude of 2404 m, it is connected to the resort by cable car. In Kol-Rodella, 13 km of slopes have been laid, most of which are “red”, 8 lifts operate. Also in Col Rodella there is a snow park suitable for teaching beginner snowboarders, and a cross-country ski center with 3 “blue” slopes with a total length of 15 km. Near Col Rodella, the Passo di Sella (2244 m) is located, connecting the Val di Fassa valley with the Val Gardena valley located in the province of Alto Adige. On the slopes of Passo di Sella there are 2 tracks: “blue” with a length of 500 m and “red” with a length of 3 km.

Canazei, Trentino-Alto Adige (Italy)