Arlington – the Big Small Town in Texas

In all honesty, Arlington isn’t having an easy time of it. By Texan standards, the city in Tarrant County, with just under 370,000 residents, is not particularly large – but on the other hand, it is not particularly small either.

According to Liuxers, Arlington is located in the middle of Texas, which is good news for interested tourists. On the other hand, it is only 20 kilometers east of Fort Worth and a good 30 kilometers west of Dallas – both of which are not exactly unknowns on the Texas map.

So what, the city fathers may have once said to themselves, can we do to set ourselves apart, to become a worthwhile travel or at least excursion destination? The boy and girl have found the answer. Arlington is now something of the secret capital of the United States when it comes to fun. What is meant is nothing that can only be said after dark. Arlington is all about real, honest entertainment, fun and joy – and for the whole family. If you are traveling with children in Texas, you should definitely plan a few days in Arlington. Alternatively, you can choose the city as your base camp from the start and then go on excursions from here. To Fort Worth, for example, or to Dallas.

Welcome to Arlington and into fun!

When American children hear the name “Six Flags” they get edgy. That’s the name of a large US chain that operates even larger amusement parks. And where was the very first park built? Exactly, in the capital of pleasure. In Arlington, the park is called Six Flags over Texas and it attracts thousands of visitors every day, year round. The park offers everything you can expect from a conventional amusement park. Nice carousels, stalls with games of skill, a hippodrome, restaurants and snack bars everywhere.

In the United States, of course, they go one better. One? Oh, what a lot! With a healthy stomach and a good sense of balance, you can experience world-class roller coaster rides in the “Six Flags over Texas”, let yourself be catapulted into unimagined heights and turn one loop after the other. Roller coasters – or “rollercoasters” as they are called in the USA – are actually the real attractions of the “Six Flags” park. If you want to have fun on a hot summer day, you could alternatively visit the city’s second large amusement park, “Hurricane Harbor”. The offer is also spectacular, but the element of water is added as an additional attraction. Very refreshing!

Sport, sport, sport

Sport is also fun and is therefore a big topic in Arlington, which is of course also celebrated in large stadiums. Two of them are definitely worth a visit. To be able to enjoy the atmosphere that prevails here at home games, you should watch a game. Where this is not possible in time, you can simply join a tour. Which sports are we talking about? There is the Texas Rangers baseball team who play in Globe Life Park. On the other hand, there is the NFL football team, the “Dallas Cowboys”, who play their home games in a stadium of colossal proportions. The AT&T stadium looks like a spaceship that has landed in the city. The roof can be opened and the stadium can accommodate around 100,000 visitors. Even on the cheap seats, everyone gets every move exactly because everything is broadcast on a gigantic screen. Not only sports fans will enjoy it here, visitors who are interested in modern architecture will also get their money’s worth here.

Arlington can also be “wicked”

With leisure and sport, Arlington stands out from other cities. That doesn’t mean that art and culture aren’t also at home there. Theaters, museums, concert halls – everything is there and everything is at a very respectable level. There is also no shortage of outdoor activities. This is due to Lake Arlington alone, a large lake where numerous leisure activities are possible and organized. But it is also due to the over 80 (!) Parks in the greater Arlington area, which are open to the public and are often themed.

Another, very lovable sight proves that the city is not always so neat and decent. “Top O Hill Terrace” is the official, yet abbreviated name for “Top of the Hill Terrace”. The building can be reached after a walk through a beautifully landscaped park and you can still have coffee and cake, tea and small dishes in the “Tea Room” today. The real attraction, however, is the main building, under which a labyrinth of hidden rooms and tunnels is hidden. The rooms were reserved for gambling and, children please listen away, for lovemaking, the tunnels were used to escape from the police. Gambling, alcohol and prostitution were banned in prudish America between the world wars.

Arlington - the Big Small Town in Texas