Antalya Travel Guide

The diverse Antalya offers a variety of the most traditional destinations on the Turkish coast. Antalya, one of Turkey’s most popular holiday towns, has been attracting tourists for decades. The city offers tourists warmth, long sandy beaches and historical sights – so all the ingredients for a sun holiday are within easy reach.


A sunny holiday town

Antalya is located in Turkey , on the Mediterranean coast on the coast of the Gulf of Antalya. It is the largest city on the coast with about a million permanent residents. In summer, however, the city is busier, with Antalya welcoming hundreds of thousands of tourists each year.

Antalya has a long history as a population center. There is still something to be seen in the city millennia ago, and modern Antalya is a mixture of old and new: the old town is pulsating with history and modern hotel areas offer splendor.

Situated between the mountains and the turquoise Mediterranean, Antalya is especially known for its sunshine, fine beaches, attractions and shopping opportunities. There are numerous interesting natural sites around the city that offer good opportunities for active activities. Antalya is ideal for families with children and is also a good day trip destination for holidaymakers in other destinations along the Turkish coast.

Antalya is an excellent combination of urban atmosphere, beach and mountain scenery.

Tourist season from May to October

Antalya is especially a summer holiday destination. The most popular travel time is the summer season from May to October.

The hottest in Antalya is in July-August, when daytime temperatures rise above 30 degrees. However, it is also warmer in the spring in May and June and in the autumn in September and October, when daytime temperatures climb to around 25 degrees.


Tourist season from May to October

Beach life and Turkish baths

Perhaps the most popular beach in Antalya is the kilometer-long sandy beach of Lara Plaj, which is surrounded by numerous high-quality hotels. There are plenty of services and activities on and near the beach. There is also a water park nearby.

Lara is located about ten kilometers from the city center and the journey there is easily folded by a dolmus bus, for example. Another of the beaches in the area, the pebbly Konyaalti Plaji, is located right next to the center.

In Antalya, it is also worth visiting the Turkish spa, or hammam. There are several popular spas in the city. Massages and fragrant oils can be tried, for example, in the Old Town, where a bath costs about twenty euros.

Golf and water games

Antalya offers a wide range of activities and on the large beaches you can try scuba diving and various water sports. For example, activities on Lara Beach include pedal boating and paragliding.

From Antalya, you can also make excursions to other parts of Turkey in pursuit of hobbies. Located about 40 km from Antalya, Belek is the most famous golf destination in Turkey. There are about 15 good quality golf courses in the Belek area.



Cheap shopping

Antalya is one of the most popular shopping destinations on the Turkish coast and you can also go shopping in other Turkish resorts.

The city’s shopping offer is comprehensive. Boutiques can be found along the hilly alleys of the Old Town as well as in modern shopping malls. In the old town, bargaining is often involved, but in the shops of Western chain stores, it is pointless to try.

Migros is a popular shopping mall with many international chain stores. Atatürk Street, on the other hand, is home to one of the city’s most interesting and colorful shopping venues: the Grand Bazaar.

The price level in Turkey is affordable for shoppers, so many tourists reserve space for gifts in their luggage in advance. Popular imports from Turkey include jewelery, bags and rugs, as well as spices and ornaments.

Pay attention to the local culture

The main religion of Turkey, Islam, is also visible in Antalya, but the city, like the rest of Turkey, is quite secular. Tourists are advised to cover their shoulders and knees outside the beaches, but in practice a big city like Antalya shows bare shoulders and knees among both tourists and locals. Women should cover their hair with a visit to the mosque.

Alcohol is well available in Antalya, but its excessive consumption is considered rude. So keep it moderate, even when you’re on vacation.

The security situation in Turkey varies, and in Antalya, too, special care must be taken and the local media monitored. Before traveling, check the up-to-date Travel Bulletin on the website of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs .

There are few services for sexual minorities in Antalya, and as the climate tightens, for example, same-sex public displays of affection can also bring problems in Antalya. However, there are a few rainbow-flagged hotels and bars in the city that are favored by the LGBTQAI community, but the best way to stay quiet about the destinations is through the community’s own channels.