Anna’s Kitchen: Anna Scholz Conjures Up Snacks At The Sweet Hieper

Anna Scholz, the famous fashion designer for exclusive plus size fashion and prize-winner of the “best designer” awards of the British plus size Awards 2015, creates not only imaginative and impressive designs and clothing. In addition to materials she conjures up also like tasty dishes for the family, friends and themselves. This time it’s a snack, something to break, when our body gets a Hieper on sweet. The latest from Anna’s is also easy and quickly prepared kitchen. So look inside and try it out. We wish you much fun. (And if you’ve got desire to more recipes by Anna Scholz , then look at “curve care” in – there will find you more tasty suggestions.)

Anna Scholz’s Snacks: Delicious And Healthy

Personally, I’m pretty forfeited sugar. What I’ve learned but is that my four-hour afternoon request after sugar is not really satisfied with a chocolate bar or some cookies. If I eat sugar, then I would after ten minutes more.

To satisfy my craving for sugar, I fell into a nut butter. It has although very many calories, but at the same time it is rich in good stuff (in English it means “goodness” – what is somehow enchanting sounds) and good fats.


  • organically grown apples
  • Organic hazelnut butter
  • Organic peanut butter
  • some bars of the celery
  • Organic Oatmeal Cookies

My absolute favorite is hazelnut butter. Almost exactly like I eat but also peanut, almond, and Cashewbutter. Stay on the safe side and buy organic products without any sugar or sugar substitutes in there. Otherwise it’s no.

I love Apple slices to dipping celery stalks or the satellite-making organic Oatmeal Cookies in the different types of nut butter… and I’m trying to wreak this snacks always beautiful and appetizing, so I can appreciate even more about it. 🙂

Tip: Where can you find a wide range of different types of nut butter? Take a look at the specialties Department of a large well stocked supermarket, in a health food store or organic supermarket. You will of course find it also in the Internet.

Have You Met Anna Scholz And Her Fashion?

Anna Scholz is, as you know, a designer for exclusive plus size fashion. She is also a passionate Cook, a maker and always on the move (she has developed program “Healthy Curves” including plus size fitness with a professional fitness trainer together). For many years she designs now beautiful and extravagant dresses, tunics in large sizes, evening dresses, Maxi dresses,jumpsuits , and much more. The special highlights of fashion are the exceptional prints and patterns again and again and she manages to surprise new each season’s the world of fashion.She designs under her own name, of course, but also for big fashion companies like sheego.

But still something there… Have you ever had a dress by Anna Scholz for? I bought the dress with the witty pony patterns from the last collection and loved it from the first moment. The material is super comfortable and slightly on the skin and it does so skillfully to my curves. This dress will remain a favorite of my summer wardrobe.