“A Rose Garden at Dawn”

A fashion Insider answers the most important questions of style, this time: Vanessa Bruno. Plus raffle

OUR SITE: You have created a fragrance for the first time. What is different than the fashion design?

Vanessa Bruno: Much is initially the same. But for wear a dress that I see someone is finally at the end – a fragrance is an idea in my head.

OUR SITE: And what idea is that in this case?

Vanessa Bruno: The a rose garden at dawn – what we, in France, “la rose you matin” name.

OUR SITE: Speaking of: your label is feminine and casual cuts with exceptional details for Parisian chic. Think of typical French design?

Vanessa Bruno: I think of women, of course, refined and are used without showing it too much. These were formerly Lauren Hutton, Jessica Lange, today there are Clemence Poesy, Lou Doillon, Kate Bosworth.

OUR SITE: What basics are for such a naturally refined look in the closet?

Vanessa Bruno: Everything, what you look good can be. It not too complicated. If you find a cut on a dress or a pair of trousers that fits you, you stick with it. You must change not all completely every season, can also be combined.

OUR SITE: Every woman needs a little black?

Vanessa Bruno: I think so. It is well cut, you can wear it with open or high hair, times with jewellery – not too much! -, sometimes with flat shoes or high heels… So it looks good!

OUR SITE: Have a basic question: how to wear a white blouse in the job, without seeming stuffy?

Vanessa Bruno: You should sit loosely – definitely not the BRA may loom!

OUR SITE: And if I want to go out in the evening in a business outfit?

Vanessa Bruno: Simply change the shoes. Rather too much makeup to apply, that makes old quickly. And never go out with large, heavy bags!

OUR SITE: How does the ideal handbag look?

Vanessa Bruno: I do Yes this Holster with Henkel, tote-bags, preferably with sequins… You can put that in the morning and in the evening. They offer everything a woman needs, and are very stylish.

OUR SITE: In what outfit is it tightened around the clock?

Vanessa Bruno: In jeans with uniform, dark wash, a white shirt and a small Lederjäckchen.

OUR SITE: Is it not boring to wear only timeless?

Vanessa Bruno: No. Timeless is what we all love, with which we always feel. Something from which one though thinks it was timeless is boring – it’s nothing special but.

OUR SITE: for example?

Vanessa Bruno: Skinny jeans. Also girls for who they are not made you wear… They do no favors when they all wear the same thing.

OUR SITE: Your parents were in the fashion industry. What advice have they given you?

Vanessa Bruno: Appeal you not – do something! And: be independent – also of men!

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Information about Vanessa Bruno:

Fashion is the French designer, 39, in the blood: her Danish mother supermodel, the father was founder of a fashion house. Her own label picked them in 1996 with only 24 years.

If no designer would be like filmmaker – what three beautiful short films and image spots show their collections – to see them for example on vanessabruno.com

Their latest creation is the rosy body fragrance ‘L ‘ Eau’: the first fragrance-design cooperation from Biotherm appears now as a limited edition, 100 ml, 40 euro.