A Pair Of Dream: Trendy Fashion From 42 And Accessories

Trend-latest fashion from 42 and accessories make for stylish Traumkombos. If the trendy colors of the season hit on jewellery, bags, shoes & co., then develop personal highlights.Accessories now carry color and accentuate your outfits skillfully. Whether glasses, scarf,purse, statement jewelry, handbag, belt or headdress – a variety of accessories invite to style and to experiment. Also shoes, like ballerinas, pumps, sneakers and Chelsea boots,Wide boots, offer to enrich a variety to your outfit with colored accents. Looks to be muted tones like gray or accessories in cheerful shades of precious stones conjure up, that chic fit equally in the Office, to festive womens clothing or the beautiful everyday.Colorful accessories and colorful details to make quite quickly from grey autumn and winter days “happy days”.

Trick 17 With Fashion From 42 And Accessories

A few tweaks are on hand to ensure that your look is color. Here we have compiled a few suggestions friends:

  1. Accessories of color combine great together.It is especially chic, if the fashion from 42 again picks up the colour. It is important to ensure that the colour become more like or very similar shades of clothing and accessories.
  2. If you choose an indoor outfit, you can bring still more color in the game through theAccessories . The bright colors of handbags, pumps & co. are particularly good.
  3. If your accessories have more than one color, so called multi color accessories, you should take that your clothing is rather monochromatic.Harmonious your look works when the fashion picks up one of the shades.
  4. How many color accents can your look take?It’s on your fashion and what effect you want to achieve. Would you be cheerful and creative? Then you should pick up more colored and colorful accessories. If you want to come over cool, muted colors are just right. You think a noble and casual look with flat classics such as warm brown tones, Navy Blue or beige.

Trends 2015: Color Wear Accessories

Trend: Berry Tones

Deep dark and very intense or with a slight touch of Pink: all shades of berries look noble and combine outfits to style the unusual looks.

Trend: Gray

The soft alternative to black and a great color for your stylish performance in the job is grey. Jewelry, handbag, watch, or shoes in the minimalist design seem serious and cool.

Trend: Gem Tones

Sapphire blue, Ruby Red, emerald green, amber yellow – the sparkling and bright gemstone colors in various shades add interesting accents. Especially it looks great, if you are combining multiple colors. What about with an amber-yellow shoulder bag and emerald-green pumps?

Trend: Cappuccino, Toffee & Nougat

Toffee accessories are a sweet seduction. Fashion from 42 can be transformed with the warm tones of beige and Brown elegantly and with much casual appeal to send classic outfits.

Trend: Multicolor

Accessories multi color-style work with multiple colors and clean lines. This results in an effective geometric optics, providing even with small accessories for large effects at the mode from 42.