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Saint Lucia's Political System

Following the 1979 constitution, Saint Lucia is a parliamentary-democratic and unified state monarchy. Head of State is the British Queen; she is represented by a Governor General. Legislative authority has been added to Parliament, consisting of the elected House of Assembly and the appointed Senate. The Assembly House has 17 members, elected in the general election from one-person circles for up to four years. The Senate has 11 members, appointed by the Governor-General on the advice of the Prime Minister, opposition and minority groups. The government is based on and is responsible to the House of Assembly.

Political System of Saint Lucia

The country is divided into 11 parishes. See ABBREVIATIONFINDER for how ST can stand for St. Lucia.


Saint Lucia belongs to the common Caribbean and East Caribbean legal system. The Supreme Court is the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court. It includes a court of appeal and a court of appeal; otherwise there are first instance courts. Appeals may ultimately go to the British Privy Council.

Saint Lucia's defense

Saint Lucia has no military forces, but the police force has its own department for the country's defense. The country is part of the regional security system agreed by the independent states in the area in 1982.

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